Wedding photographer

I have devoted to wedding photography in Czech republic for several years. I always approach conscientiously to capture your important wedding day. It is your unique wedding day and therefore I try to capture it in wedding photographs creatively so you have something to remember. I process your wedding photographs professionally with maximum emphasis on quality. Being a wedding photographer is primarily my hobby. If you like my style of wedding photos I will be happy if you contact me by email

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Svatební fotograf, Rousínov, jižní Morava

At Full Blast

The wedding photographs that you get from me are always professionally edited.

If possible, I will pass the wedding location for at least two hours before the wedding to have an idea of light and geographic conditions.

I do not provide non edited wedding photographs.

Svatební fotograf, Brno, jižní Morava

Fair and Square

During the wedding meeting I will discuss with the clients what is essential for them from the perspective of wedding photographer.

I always show only the wedding photos that I took personally and I have permission for their publication.

I write an order with explained license conditions before the wedding. The license conditions are listed on this page and they are not hidden from the client.

If the clients do not want to take photo of a scene or a person, I will fully respect their wishes.

Svatební fotograf, Brno, jižní Morava

With Dignity

Your wedding is your big day and therefore I will always be well dressed.

It is your big wedding day and therefore I respect your requests.

I will try to disturb your big wedding day by taking photographs as little as possible.

My aim is to become completely invisible wedding photographer during your wedding.